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The Easiest Way to Fix Face ID No Soldering No Jump Wiring
February 20th,2023

In the past, when the Face ID of the iPhone failed, we would solve it by transplanting IC. But this method is cumbersome and requires technical support such as soldering and jump wiring. Now we have an easier way to fix Face ID, let's show you.

Watch the video: 

This is an iPhone 12, the Face ID is disabled. Enter the settings page, we can see the prompt ”A problem was detected with the TrueDepth camera. Face ID has been disabled.” 

Step 1: Test the front camera assembly on AY A108 programmer

First we need turn off the phone and remove the screen. Then remove the camera plate and the front camera assembly. Next install the screen back. Now we can install the AY A108 programmer, connect the power supply, and connect the USB to the computer. We put the front camera assembly on the AY A108 programmer for testing, it shows “fuse”. Connect the phone to the AY software with a data cable, the software test shows that the front camera component is fused.

Step 2: Write data on the AY dot matrix flex cable

After testing the front camera assembly, we cloud backup the Face ID data. Now take out the AY dot matrix flex cable and install it on the programmer. Click “acti” to activate. After activation, click “cloudburm” to write data. 

Step 3: Test the AY dot matrix flex cable

After the data is written successfully, connect the dot matrix flex cable to the front camera assembly. Then connect them to the programmer for testing. It turns out normal.

Step 4: Install the AY dot matrix flex cable

Now we remove the AY dot matrix flex cable and bend it in the front camera assembly for easy installation. We can start installing the AY dot matrix flex cable. First remove the screen again. Then install the front camera assembly, and adjust the flex cable position according to the actual situation. 

Step 5: Test the Face ID Function

At last, install back the camera plate and install the screen for Face ID test. We can see the Face ID function is normal. Thus the Face ID of iPhone 12 is successfully fixed.

This method of repairing Face ID is very simple, even people without a lot of repair experience can operate it, let's try it quickly!

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