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How to Replace the Back Cover of HUAWEI Mate 30
February 27th,2023

There are many materials for the back cover of mobile phones, but in order to take into account the functions of beauty, heat dissipation, protection, etc., manufacturers often use plastic or glass materials with strong thermal conductivity, especially the glass back cover, which will be damaged if slightly impacted by external force. If there is only a slight crack, you can still use it, but if the crack is large or there are fragments falling off, you need to replace the back cover, otherwise it may cause damage to the internal parts. Today we will show you how to replace the back cover of HUAWEI Mate 30.

Watch the video:

Step 1: Remove the back cover by KAISI Mobile Phone Screen Remover

First turn on the maintenance heating pad and heat the back cover of the phone for 3 minutes. The purpose of heating is to soften the back cover glue. Then put the phone into the KAISI Mobile Phone Screen Remover and tighten the bottom screw to clamp the phone. Adjust the position of the suction cup, stick it to the back cover, and then open the suction cup. Next, slowly turn the bottom screw, loosen the62 suction cup and open the screen remover. The back cover was removed successfully.

Step 2:Replace with a new Dr.Parts back cover

After removing the back cover, we need clean up the remaining glue on it. In this process, a proper amount of alcohol can be added to soften the residual glue. Now we take out a new Dr.Parts back cover for HUAWEI Mate 30 and tear off the protective film of the back cover adhesive. Then align the phone, stick the back cover to the phone, and press gently.

Step 3:Press the phone by TBK Pressure Holding Mold

At last, put the phone into the TBK Pressure Holding Mold, tighten the screw to hold the pressure. After waiting for 5 minutes to let the back cover glue harden, we can take out the phone. Thus, HUAWEI Mate 30 back cover replacement completed.

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