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Rear Camera Replacement Guide for Huawei P30 Pro
May 02th,2023

There is a Huawei P30 Pro. Turn on the camera mode and test the function of the rear camera at short distances is normal, but it does not focus at long distances. This situation is usually caused by the damage of the rear camera motor, so we need to replace the rear camera with a new one. 

Watch the video:

First turn off the phone. Put it on the heating platform for heating to soften the glue. Use the KAISI Mobile Phone Screen Separator to open the back cover.

1. Heating platform: https://www.bizbee.us/products?keyword=CPB

2. KAISI Mobile Phone Screen Separator: https://www.bizbee.us/products?keyword=KAISI%20K-2282

Then use the pry tool to completely remove the screen. Now remove the motherboard protection plate and the faulty rear camera.

3. Pry tool: https://www.bizbee.us/products?keyword=pry%20tool

Take out the new Dr.Parts rear camera for Huawei P30 Pro.

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• Fix camera not working.

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• Stable functions.

• Multiple inspection processes.

After installing the new rear camera, we should remove the camera protection foam. Now turn on the phone to test. It turns out the rear camera works normally.

Then turn off the phone. Install the motherboard protection plate back. Clean up the residual glue and reapply the glue to install the back cover glass. At last, use the pressure holding mold to hold the pressure for 15 minutes. Thus the rear camera replacement of Huawei P30 Pro is completed.

4. TBK pressure holding mold: https://www.bizbee.us/products?keyword=TBK%20holding%20mold

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