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Fix Face ID with JC V1SE Programmer, No Need to Download Any Software
Now we have an easier way to restore the face ID, without soldering and jump wiring, or downloading any software, let's show you.
March 06th,2023
How to Fix iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Health and Remove Important Battery Message
If the iPhone is replaced with a new aftermarket battery, the battery health and cycle times cannot be reset, and the XS and above models will appear non-original battery prompt. How to...
February 28th,2023
How to Replace the Back Cover of HUAWEI Mate 30
If the crack of the phone is large or there are fragments falling off, you need to replace the back cover, otherwise it may cause damage to the internal parts. Today we will show you how to replace the back cover of Huawei Mate 30.
February 27th,2023
Back Glass Cover Replacement Guide for iWatch S7
If the back glass cover for iWatch is seriously damaged, it will lead to the unsealing of the watch, thus affecting the waterproof function. Today we will show you how to replace the back cover glass of iWatch S7.
February 10th,2023
The Easiest Way to Fix Face ID No Soldering No Jump Wiring
In the past, when the Face ID of the iPhone failed, we would solve it by transplanting IC. But this method is cumbersome and requires technical support such as soldering and jump wiring. Now we have an easier way to fix Face ID, let's show you.
February 09th,2023
How to Replace the Backlight of iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (2020)
There is an iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (2020), we can see the watermark clearly on the setting pure white interface. We tested the touch function, but no problem was found. In this case, the problem can be solved by replacing the backlight.
January 11th,2023
How to Replace The Broken Front Glass of iPhone X
Often, a smartphone with an external glass is easily broken once it is hit by an external force or accidentally dropped. However, if your phone's front glass is broken but the display and touch functions of the screen are still normal...
December 19th,2022
How to Fix a Waterlogged MacBook Pro
Today we are going to fix a MacBook Pro 1990, which won’t turn on because some red wine was spilled accidentally on the keyboard. After opening the back cover, we can spot traces of red wine at a glance. In particular, there is corrosion on both sides of the fan.
December 07th,2022
iPhone 14 Pro Max Tear Down and Matters Need Attention
It has been a while since the iPhone 14 series was released. Users who bought the iPhone 14 should have used their phones for some time. The reviews are mixed. In any case, there are many highlights of the iPhone 14 series. We got three 14 series iPhones, namely iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14. Now let's tear down the iPhone 14 Pro Max to see what the internal structure is like.
November 16th,2022
iPad Touch Digitizer Screen Replacement Guide
There is an iPad 6 with faulted touch. Since the external touch digitizer screen and the internal display screen of this iPad are separated, we only need to replace the external digitizer screen.
October 11th,2022
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